Our Mission

Eniches aim is to serve the community by way of a wall of remembrance and to deliver a professional, cost-effective and personal service.

Wall of Remembrance Pretoria Doxa DEO Faerie Glen

The public can place the cremated remains of their loved ones, in the wall of remembrance. The niche will be covered with granite, on which personal information will be engraved.

  • Eniche / Doxa Deo Faerie Glen wall of remembrance has 24-hour security on site.
  • The wall is in a beautiful garden situated in a tranquil area on the church site.
  • The garden will be open seven days a week from 08h00 till 17h00 for the public.

We trust that this wall of remembrance will help keep the memories of loved ones, alive beautifully and memorably.


An Initiation Fee – R3 910.00
Annual Storage Fee – R276.00

Purchase agreement

Purchase Agreement
Purchase Agreement